Import export registrations

Import export registrations

  • Import export license with trade agreement registration

    An import export license which allows an individual or entity to export using certificates of origin. These certificates make South African exports more desirable as they may afford the foreign buyer a reduced rate of import duty, providing the country of import has a trade agreement (TA) with South Africa.

    For a guide to trade agreement registrations available to South African exporters, click here.

    R1980+R380 per TA | Takes 5-15 days*

  • Permit for regulated goods

    Required for importing or exporting goods that are regulated by ITAC, NRCS or a State Department

    From R1950 | Approx 6 days*

  • Professional tariff (HS) classification

    A report generated about your product or commodity which classifies it according to the HS system. This classification system is used by Customs to determine the taxes, regulations and prohibitions relevant to imports and exports.

    Price on Assessment | Takes 2 days

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