Foreign exchange payments

A foreign exchange account is a safe, cost effective and easy method of making international payments.

This account comes with a dedicated forex broker who uses it to manage your outgoing and incoming funds.

Here’s why you should open your own foreign exchange account:

Managing Reserve Bank compliant international transactions can be intimidating, not to mention expensive!

Besides the fees involved, the bottom line Rand amount you pay or receive depends on the exchange rate you get from the bank. Because banks are only interested in negotiating rates and fees for large transactions, beginner traders often get stuck with high transaction costs.

Foreign exchange brokers, on the other hand, work on pre-negotiated rates and fees made possible by the sheer volume of currency traded on a daily basis, and they know exactly what they’re doing.

A foreign exchange account registered under a dedicated forex broker incurs no monthly fees, and offers you a better, easier way of managing international payments PLUS significant savings.

The better exchange rates and a lower commissions offered by a forex dealer translates to as much as 75% less spent on the transaction bank fees and up to a 2% saving on the payment overall.

Thanks to an extensive network of foreign exchange providers, we’ve pinpointed brokers who specialize in:

  • Micro to macro-size transactions in line with all businesses and personal imports and exports.
  • Forward Exchange Contracts, which give you control of the exchange rate at which you pay.
  • Setting up offshore accounts.
  • Managing import export transactions according your (not the bank’s) best interest.

In addition you get personalised service from a dedicated foreign exchange broker who knows you, your company, and your goals in international trade.

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R350 registration fee applies | FREE with an import export license

The costs we have saved in foreign exchange fees has helped us make our prices more competitive!

Thank-you for your service, advice and for being available at all times to streamline our inward and outward payments.

I made a substantial payment into the wrong account abroad. I am grateful for a team who was able to retrieve the money and pay it into the correct account for me.