Import export license

An import export license is required for:

  • Imports and exports of over R150,000 within one year

  • Importing and/or exporting more than 3 times in one year

  • Making and/or receiving payments for imports and exports via a bank account

  • Importing any goods for the purpose of re-selling or more than 10 of the same item

  • Trade agreement registrations to export using certificates of origin

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What is an import export license?

An import export license is a unique code, granted by SARS Customs, that is linked to either your ID number or your company’s registration number.

Each time you import or export, SARS Customs assigns it to your import export license. If you do not have one, your goods may get seized and incur storage fees and penalties until you comply to this requirement.

Applying for your import export license with us takes 1-5 days. Approval is guaranteed or your money back.