Customs and Excise Warehouse registrations

Rebate, Drawback, Excise and Storage Warehouse Registrations

  • Rebate user registration

    A registration which allows for rebates to be claimed from SARS Customs. A rebate is a full or partial non-payment of import duties, subject to whether imports comply to conditions of a specific rebate item. Rebate items are listed in our Rebate, refund and drawback directory.

    R4600 | Takes 30 days*

  • Drawback user registration

    A registration allowing an importer to claim a drawback. A drawback is a reimbursement of import duties that have already been paid to SARS conditional to whether the importer can prove the goods have been exported, or used in manufacturing according to a drawback item. Drawback items are listed in our Rebate, refund and drawback directory.

    R4600 | Takes 15-20 days*

  • SARS Storage warehouse registration (Also called a bond or rebate store)

    Registration of a dedicated, SARS controlled storage warehouse at a trader’s premises in which bonded goods, or imports on which a rebate has been granted my be stored. SARS requires storage warehouse registration for traders to keep bonded (uncleared) excisable goods on their own premises.

    R4600 | Takes 20-30 days*

  • Carbon tax registration

    All entities that generate emissions (green house gasses) equal to or above the stipulated threshold are liable to pay carbon tax through an environmental levy that is imposed per tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. Goods liable for any environmental levy may only be manufactured in a licensed Customs and Excise manufacturing warehouse.

    From R4600| Takes 30-60 days*

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