The World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Trade Profile 2023 report

If you are looking for a comprehensive reference on essential global trade statistics, the Trade Profiles, the WTO’s annual publication, is an excellent option to consider. We discuss it here.

What is it?

The WTO Trade Profile 2023 report is a 400 page booklet that covers the key market indicators for 197 economies. It is cleverly divided into an easy-to-read two-page format per country, making comparisons between economies simple. The data is presented in a standard, visual format for quick reference.

The Profile is available to all WTO member countries, its observers and other selected economies. The full version is available in both print and as electronic download. Individual profiles are also available.

What information does it provide?

This invaluable resource provides an up-to-date and succinct, yet detailed, analysis of global trade data.

In general, it offers a summary of each economy’s main exports, imports and trading partners.

Specifically, the trade profiles consist of 4 sections:

  • an overview of the importance of trade in that economy, g. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and GDP per capita, % of GDP, % GDP, and the economy’s position in international trade
  • Merchandise Trade indicators for agricultural and non-agricultural goods at HS-4-digit level
  • trade in Commercial Services, e.g. transport, travel and other commercial services, as well as details about inward and outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics (FATS) sales
  • Industrial Property indicators, e.g. patent and trademark applications

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How do I use it?

Download or order the version you want.

For accurate interpretation, read the brief technical notes (pp 3 and 4), or keep them on hand while you view a country’s trade profile.

Find your country of interest in the index, e.g. Botswana p.52, United Kingdom p.380.

What can I use it for?

Essentially, the Trade Profiles are used to compare prospective trade partners. You might want to compare countries as potential export markets or as a potential source of a commodity to be imported.

Below is an example comparing data from Botswana (p. 52) with that of the UK (p. 380), if considering these economies as potential export markets for “Cane or Beet Sugar”. It is Botswana’s top import, valued at US$140 million, and ranked 5th for the UK, but valued at US$635 million.



 Example of other comparative data available (Botswana, p.52):

The WTO’s Trade Profiles contain a wealth of information on prospective trade partners that is both current and very easy to use.

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