Breaking Barriers and Building Empires: The Rise of a Female-Founded Freight Company

In 2016, Christine Mackay founded Macatlas Freight, a 100% female-owned and -operated freight company that provides a wide range of freight and logistics services. When entering the male-dominated freight industry, Christine had to work hard to be taken seriously. But now, Macatlas Freight has just won an award at the South African Small Business Awards. Over the years she has gained an excellent network of partners, associates, and clients both locally and internationally, and has formed strong working relationships with them. This year, they are also launching their own brand of fruit and wine to export into the African and global market.

Macatlas Freight is a company that specializes in providing freight forwarding and logistics services to businesses involved in importing and exporting goods. As a freight forwarding company, Macatlas Freight acts as an intermediary between businesses and carriers, helping to facilitate the transportation of goods from one location to another. This is where Christine used her import/export knowledge to her advantage.

When a business wants to import goods from another country, a freight company can help with the logistics of getting the goods from the manufacturer to the final destination. This might involve coordinating with various carriers, such as ocean freight companies, trucking companies, or air cargo providers, to ensure that the goods are transported safely and efficiently. Macatlas Freight can also handle the customs clearance process, making sure that all necessary documentation is in order and that any tariffs or duties are paid.

Similarly, when a business wants to export goods to another country, a freight company can help with the logistics of getting the goods to the final destination. This might involve coordinating with carriers to transport the goods to the port or airport, ensuring that the goods are properly packaged and labeled, and handling customs clearance procedures.

Overall, a company like Macatlas Freight can play a crucial role in facilitating the import and export of goods, helping businesses to navigate the complex world of international logistics and ensuring that goods are transported safely, efficiently, and on time. 

Christine then successfully used her knowledge of importing & exporting to further launch her own brand, exporting fruit and wine into the African and global market. 

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