A customs import AND export registration enabling the user to clear goods at customs and make or receive payments for traded goods through a bank. Includes free access to our foreign exchange services.

Import and export licenses (or custom codes) are valid for 10 years from date of approval. Your license is however not subject to annual fees while it is valid. This is subject to change if customs changes its current practices.

FREE foreign exchange account registration included with your Import and Export License.

Save on international payments with 75% less transaction fees than what you bank offers and no monthly account fees.

  • Save on average 0.5% – 2% on the exchange rate of your transaction.
  • No additional service fees.
  • All transactions managed digitally by your personal, experienced forex broker.
  • Transparent, regular communication on all trades.
  • Contact your broker directly whenever you need urgent assistance or to optimise your exchange requirements
  • Safe and secure trading, fully SARS and Reserve Bank compliant